Safety/Utility Handle

Where in your organization do you need to mitigate slip hazards? In buildings? On or around vehicles? Where do you need a solid grip or handle?

Our polymer Safety/Utility Handles are ideal for utility applications and for slip/trip hazard mitigation. They enable the "3-point technique" to be used for mounting and dismounting vehicles and other equipment.

We have fully tested our handles and found them to be capable of dead-lifting 450 lbs. of water (while lag-bolted to a 2x4) without breaking, and of being impacted by a 16 lb. sledgehammer at -35°C with no deficiency.

Legal Disclaimer: Handles are for utility/stability use only and are NOT to be used for life support, live loads or anchoring. Fasten securely!


For orders of quantities over 30, please contact us before ordering to discuss your best shipping options.